To all my friends who enjoy a tipple: according to Redhill and Reigate Life, Surrey County Council has issued a warning that fake bottles of Jacob’s Creek wine have been found on sale in the county. Apparently the bottles are easy to spot as they have spelling mistakes on the label. Twenty bottles have been found with labels on the back stating that the drink was a ‘Wine of Austrlia’ instead of Australia.

A Surrey County Council spokesman is quoted as saying, “The abysmal spelling gives new meaning to the phrase ‘thick as thieves’. Another sign that the cheap plonk is a smuggled counterfeit, thought to be from Asia, is that it tastes foul.” He also said, “What really staggers me is that they’ve got the winemaker’s signature perfect, but they couldn’t spell the word ‘Australia.’”

It seems that in this instance it isn’t much of a bargain to pay £2 instead of the usual £10ish.

But it did remind me of these two pictures from one of my favourite blogs, Failblog:

Maybe the German company should have found another name for English-speaking countries!

Maybe we need one of these…

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1 Response to Wine

  1. pinchypants says:

    I fear after a bottle or so of Mummy’s Little Helper, even my notorious grammatical nit-picking would have failed to pick up Australia spelt wrong! Or should that be Ausshhhhtralia…

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