My daughter celebrated her 8th birthday on Friday. We had a weekend full of celebrations: the actual birthday, a pyjama party (no boys allowed!) on Saturday and a family party yesterday.

I always feel a bit nostalgic around my children’s birthdays about the anticipation of the birth and the elation of their safe arrivals and also about their achievements to date. My daughter was determined to stay up until the time of her birth (20:47) as her brother was born at 01.35 so has already aged by the time he wakes up on his birthday.

The pyjama party went very well with lots of girly activities such as dancing, painting our nails, colouring in door hangers, making our own pizzas and watching a DVD while eating popcorn. I was pleased that there was still a request for pass the parcel, musical bumps and pin the tail on the donkey though, proving that she isn’t too grown-up yet.

My daughter decorated her own birthday cake beautifully (and did another one the next day with her cousin). But what would I have done eight years ago if I had been presented with a cake like this? What a shame – all that hard work and no spellcheck facility!

From a fantastic blog: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com

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I haven’t written a diary since I was 9 or 10 and a babysitter told me off for writing it after she had turned the lights off. I have blue eyes. I have a 100-year-old grandmother. I enjoy embroidery and reading in my spare time, if spare time exists. I am the descendant of a Persian princess from the 16th Century who married one of my ancestors who was an English adventurer. Spring is my favourite time of year but autumn inspires me because of the rich palette of colours which appear on the trees. I have two children, one of each flavour, and a Peter Pan of a husband who is like a third child sometimes. I’m a ‘glass is half full’ kind of person. My favourite colour is blue: the colour of the background in Microsoft Word. I enjoy a good joke, was brought up on puns and like to see the lighter side of life. I am a freelance proofreader.
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  1. pinchypants says:

    I love that eight year olds still love all the traditional party games. I’m not keen on my two little ones growing up too quickly either. My daughter’s just been invited to her first ‘makeover’ birthday party and she’s only four. I’m chuffed that she’s been invited to such a small gathering, but I have mixed feelings about the event, and it conflicts with the blog post I wrote last year after Jordan’s little girl was pictured in full glamour model slap: http://pinchypants.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/jordan-princess-and-the-false-eyelashes/

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